a superb experience when your customer requests attention

personal and automated, seamless smart interaction

Examples :
- creating virtual queues to manage customers
- provide an optimal curbside pickup experience
- manage orderly booking and attendance of events
- social distanced entrance to events
- orderly distanced day care pickup- drop off of children

Intelligent Automation for customer service


Do your customers have to wait for your attention?
How do they request for it?
How do you attend?

is there usually a dead time?... an inconvenient wait?...

well, not anymore:


This is what using QueueBoo for virtual queues causes:

-> No more lines!
-> No more waiting rooms!
-> No more dead time
-> Smooth interaction
-> Improved perception

Boost your customers experience from the very beginning, the moment they actually request to be attended

QueueBoo Service

QueueBoo Curbside

How it works?

workflow design capabilities

especially useful during COVID

Manage your engagement with customers, and much more
- No need to wait in a physical line anymore!
- Manage your visitors experience virtually
- Provide maximum social distancing without lines
- The process is completely automated
- Be aware of who actually requests to talk to you

Check some Industry-related
Pre-defined ready-to-use QueueBoo workflows

  • Social Distancing
  • Manage drop-off and pickup of children
  • Have a record of interactions
  • Offer safe social distanced interactions
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase security
  • Request entrance with service identification
  • Automated collections
  • Elderly patient monitoring
  • Appointment management
  • Covid patients monitoring
  • Covid testing process
  • Order to pick-up process
  • Entrance request with capacity monitoring

The user connects to QueueBoo with a message (request for service)

Users can use multiple methods to engage with QueueBoo, phone via SMS/Text, email, web, etc
QueueBoo allows the business also to connect via multiple devices, desktop, tablet, mobile.


QueueBoo receives the request and triggers a process that will be executed through a workflow.
The workflow can contain multiple stages and decision trees to handle the request, and can interact with the person to provide an input.


QueueBoo executes according to a workflow,  will offer the request to a group of attendants for instance.

One of them is expected to analyze and select the request to then proceed to attend the customer, and fulfill the request.


Once an attendant has acquired the request then QueueBoo will continue with the next steps.

In a simple case will notify the customer and provide instructions to come in.

The agent can also talk with the customer via messages, recordings or a call

Do you have an interesting use-case for QueueBoo? please let us know
Interesting new cases are eligible to get a free pilot

Cross devices

Users can use multiple methods to engage with QueueBoo, phone via SMS/Text, email, web, etc
QueueBoo allows the business also to connect via multiple devices, desktop, tablet, mobile.

Real time

Users talk to QueueBoo
QueueBoo talks to systems, people and attendants in the business.
All of this happens in real time.
Like having a doorman or a messenger doing the job

Smart Automation

Much more than managing a simple queue, QueueBoo manages a workflow of interaction that could be very sophisticated

Easy to use

User friendly dashboards for the business

Intuitive interaction for the customer


Design the complete interaction between systems, users and customers without writing a line of code


API enabled to connect to any other system


  • Customer retention
Customers will enjoy a great experience and keep coming back
  • Reduce Operational Risk
Less errors will occur which means you will not trespass regulations that may incur in fines
  • Lower Cost
QueueBoo will handle an important process for you, as opposed to having one or more persons directing the traffic of your customers
  • Flexible
You can design an automated interaction between your systems, your personnel and your customers yourself


  • Enjoy a great experience
Easy to use,  intuitive streamlined interaction through your preferred channels
  • Reduce Health Risk
Customers will be assured they are properly conducted through safe guidelines
  • Smart Attention
The business will be able to better understand your needs and through QueueBoo will be able to provide a very smart attention,  so no need to tell everybody the same story until you get to the person that can solve the problem as QueueBoo will collect it upfront.
  • Free
No cost to your customers
Do you want to test QueueBoo?

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