Frequently asked Questions:

QueueBoo is a system that customers and businesses engage smoothly through common channels.  Through QueueBoo your business can engage with customers very efficiently,  will do so while interacting with your current systems and through a predefined workflow of actions that you can easily define and modify.

One typical case is the management of a waiting line,  where there is person waiting for attention.

The user experience will be as follows:

1- This person arrives to the business and sees a sign that says:  Request attention by texting  MyBusiness01  to (555) 212 3212 ,   

2- QueueBoo will then follow a set of rules and workflows to best suit the service

3-  Queueboo can connect to many types of systems,  internal or external

4-  QueueBoo can also connect to people inside the business through a desktop app or a mobile app

5-  QueueBoo can also put the request in a waiting line to be attended by a representative

6- When the representative opens to attend the request  QueueBoo will instruct the customer on what to do:    i.e.  you can come in now

7- QueueBoo will follow up on it for as long as it takes u,  in real time, connecting with many stakeholders,  systems,  users,  other customers,  according to the workflow, even after the current personal visit is over until the request is fulfilled.

QueueBoo was created with an intelligent automation platform called Hound,  so QueueBoo inherited and can use the power of Hound to basically do any automation.
Some people see QueueBoo as a queue/line management system,  but it is much more than that,  it is a smart attention process manager,  that could also manage a simple line or queue
Some people say QueueBoo is the missing link with an intelligent automation environment,  namely Hound or others.
Conversely, Hound actually uses QueueBoo as an interface to engage to human when a workflow requires feedback from someone.
It will depend on what the workflow is like, but let’s see an example of a shop that needs to manage the visitors coming in with social distancing, and in an orderly manner.
Let’s say the shop registered in QueueBoo with the alias MyShop11,  one way would be the shop placing a sign outside the door or at the car park that provides instructions,  something like:   
To enter MyShop11 request entrance with one of the following methods:
a- Text the word MyShop11 to 555 333 2341
b- write an Email to
c- online to web:
d- call to 555 212 2132 and follow the prompts

QueueBoo can certainly do that, in the low end,  QueueBoo can also connect to your current line system and add all the virtualized features of QueueBoo.

The main differences come when adding the capacity to execute a full dynamic workflow that may include many stages with many attendants,  and that can last days as opposed to only minutes.

The other difference is the virtuality of the execution, you can enter a line or a workflow and be informed of where your request is at the moment.

Finally, you can just create an account and begin using it,  setup is really simple specially if you use one the pre-defined workflows,  you can also very easily use a graphical interface to modify and adapt the process to your needs,  without writting a line of code 

QueueBoo is extremely easy to setup specially if you use a workflow that has already been defined as one of our pre defined recipe even more easy.

You register,  choose an alias,  choose an initial workflow,   copy the  identifiers,    text code,   email,   web link,  etc   to place it outside your store.

Absolutely,  QueueBoo could ask questions and guide the customer through a guided workflow to identify how can we help more.

For example we could ask,  do you need an Advisor or a Teller?  

if the customer answers Advisor then QueueBoo will only announce the request within the group of advisors until one picks up the request.

Yes,  QueueBoo can process a payment either by connecting to a POS or by providing a link to a payment gateway

When someone makes a request to QueueBoo and the case actually get to a point that requires human intervention,  QueueBoo will alert a one or more users that are registered in that particular group of attention,  could be only you,  or could be 20,  one of them will acquire the request to fulfill the request,  it is then when QueueBoo continues to engage with the customer to provide the instructions. 

Absolutely,  You can have 1 or 20 or more people subscribed to a particular group that will be alerted every time a requests comes in,  and any of them can acquire the request and process it  

Yes you can have as many groups as your plan allows you to,  each one of them could be used as a queue or as an internal process of automation.

For example you have 5 attendants providing two types of service,  so you could have one queue with 3 attendants in one and 2 in the other

The concept of queue is basically a group of requests of different customers that need to be fulfilled

A group of attendants will be registered to a queue as service providers to fulfill each request,  one at a time.

You can have attendants belonging to more than one queue to fulfill things from either queue

Yes,  since QueueBoo is based in a so powerful engine, you can basically do a very sophisticated workflow.

You could ask things automatically, you then take the request to the first queue/group where needs to be validated,  and if all is good your request will move onto the person who makes an approval,  and it is only then that you are notified to enter

Absolutely,  QueueBoo registers everysingle interaction so you can monitor what happened,  how lonk are your customers waiting to be attended, who took the request,  what happened then,  and how long it took to solve.

You can also do other things like, how many cases each one of your attendants took a day or a month,  and what is the average resolution time,  to name a couple.

A person needs to drop off a pet at the shop for grooming.   when the pet is done, the shop needs to call back to inform the cost and give instructions on how and when to come in.

It basically could be like this:  

Your customer texts with the ID petShop33, the system will know you are busy, so will instruct your customer to wait for a bit,  You will be informed of the customer’s presence.   When you are ready you just open the next request  in the QueueBoo App and the system will inform back the customer how to proceed to drop off the pet for you to provide the service.

Same happens when you finish the service, you inform the QueueBoo App about your job being finished,   and QueueBoo will alert the customer to come and pickup the pet,   but the workflow could also require to send a text with a link to perform the payment,  to make things easier and contactless.  

So a lot of time and effort could be saved and both the customer and you will have a very smooth experience.

The customer requests entrance

QueueBoo asks for the type of service required

The request is then presented to the ideal group of attenders,  i.e.  financial advisors

An advisor takes the request and attends it.

The customer is instructed to come in to see the specific advisor and how to do so

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