How it works

Customer texts QueueBoo with a request
  • Queue will follow a workflow to manage the request
  • Will interact with any systems and users to provice intelligent attention
  • Will offer a smooth seamless experience
  • User can talk to QueueBoo via SMS/Text, email, Web, IM, FB Messenger, etc.
QueueBoo interacts with the customer (i.e. asks questions)
  • QueueBoo will ask the customer what she or he needs
  • Can ask for other required task:
    - provide name,
    - fill a form,
    - do a payment, etc
  • QueueBoo will identify what needs to be done
    - VIP customer connect manager
    - pass customer to an advisor
    - bring an order out
    - validate identity before entering
  • User can talk to QueueBoo via SMS/Text, email, Web, IM, FB Messenger, etc.
Internally QueueBoo announces the customer to the agents
  • QueueBoo will announce the request of the customer to the correct attendant, or group of attendants.
  • QueueBoo will also shows all details of the transaction collected from the customer and gathered from the internal systems
  • When the attendant opens the request and accepts it, then QueueBoo will notify the customer and provide all instructions
  • QueueBoo will talk to attendants and managers via a QueueBoo desktop or mobile webapp,
  • dashboards and reports with key indicators of execution will help monitor execution with larger groups
Request is acquired by agent
An agent opens the request, QueueBoo will instruct the customer on what to do.
  • Hi Suzan please come in now to cubicle #3, John Brown will attend you
  • Hi John you can bring in your pet now to the right door, doctor will be waiting for you
Quick streamlined service and with safety standards
Customer will have a quick and smooth experience
  • Clear Instructions will be provided by QueueBoo in sync with internal personnel
  • all interactions will be monitored and measured to improve quality over time
  • QueueBoo could even track the customer perception, inmediately or later on