QueueBoo Healthcare

Reopening with safe and secure management of patients and visitors

An automated system to manage your engagement with patients and visitors, and much more
- No waiting lines
- Patients will be registered and handled appropriately
- Analytics and registers will provide security
- Perform a complete automated process

Handling the attention and entry of patients

is a complicated and expensive task

let QueueBoo manage it for you


The patient connects to QueueBoo with a message

Patients may have multiple methods to engage with QueueBoo, phone via SMS/Text, email, web, etc
QueueBoo allows attendants also to connect via multiple devices, desktop, tablet, mobile.


QueueBoo receives the request and triggers a process that will be executed through a workflow.

May go to the appointments registry database to look patient.
The workflow can contain many stages and decision trees to handle the request,  for instance, could check if the patient needs to be handled differently or need to pass the case to interact with humans to provide input.


QueueBoo again executes according to a workflow,  will offer the request to a group of personnel.

One of them is expected to analyze and select the request to then proceed to attend the case.


Once someone has acquired the request then QueueBoo will continue with the next steps.

In a simple case will notify the patient and provide instructions

Or may provide a link to connect and have a virtual call.

QueueBoo healthcare

QueueBoo can be used for other activities

Do you have an interesting use-case for QueueBoo? please let us know
Interesting new cases are eligible to get a free pilot

Cross devices

QueueBoo allows parents to use multiple methods to engage, via SMS/Text, email, web, etc
QueueBoo allows school to use multiple devices, desktop, tablet, mobile.

Real time

parents talk to QueueBoo
QueueBoo talks to school systems, and teachers.
All of this happens in real time.
Like having a doorman or a messenger doing the job

Smart Automation

QueueBoo can do much more than managing a simple queue, QueueBoo manages a workflow of interaction that could be very sophisticated and connect to other systems

Easy to use

Parents and teachers will have no learning curve as they can use their own devices and channels
User friendly dashboards for the school
Intuitive interaction for the parent


Design the complete interaction between systems, users and parents without writing a line of code


API enabled to connect to any other system


  • Smooth engagement
easy way to connect with parents will please them
  • Reduce Risk
Accurately managing the attendance of patients with social distancing and control will reduce the risk to personnel and to the patients.
Knowing who attended who and when makes also a huge difference.
  • Lower Cost
QueueBoo will handle an important process for you, as opposed to having one or more persons directing the traffic of your parents
  • Compliance with health requirements
Covid 19 has added an important compliance issue to hospitals and clinics as it requires socially distanced attendance of patients and visitors.
Queueboo will act as a traffic manager to provide socially distanced attendance in an efficient and inexpensive manner to all.
  • Flexible
You can design an automated interaction between your systems, your personnel and your customers yourself


  • Enjoy a great experience
Easy to use,  intuitive streamlined interaction through your preferred channels
  • Reduce Health and Security Risk
Patients and visitors will be assured their attendance will be properly conducted through safe guidelines
  • Smart Attention
The organization will be able to better understand the patients and visitors needs and through QueueBoo will be able to provide a very smart attention
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